FlowerForce starts using vacuum cooling

Week 01 - 2017

In May 2013 FlowerForce started to use the new loading cooler in Honselersdijk, The Netherlands. FlowerForce choose the vacuum cooler as the best solution. Vacuum cooling product is the quickest way to cool the products of FlowerForce. Cooling of the flowers of FlowerForce by te vacuum cooler is the best option they had. Using vacuum cooling significantly increases the shelf life of the flowers and reduces the health risk caused by organism growth.

The process of vacuum cooling is the rapid refrigeration of a porous product through moisture removal. After the flowers are bought by FlowerForce, the harvested and packaged flowers are placed in the cold room and the heat is removed very rapidly, allowing the flowers for earlier transportation and a fresher product.

Are you curious how FlowerForce works with this vacuum cooler? You're very welcome to visit us. We also would like to give you a tour through our company.

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